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This Is My Worship!

You Lord, You are worthy
And no one can worship You for me
For all the things You’ve done for me
And no one can worship You for me.

Here’s my worship
All of my worship
Receive my worship
All of my worship
Here’s my worship
All of my worship
Receive my worship (Song by Phyl Thompson)
Sunday morning at church we sang the above song. While we were singing, I began to reflect on  the words of this song.
No one can worship God for you.
He deserves your personal worship. So here is my worship, all of my worship.
What kind of worship are we giving to God?
What kind of worship does God requires of us?
Are shouting and screaming worship?
When we lift up our hands and heads to heaven while we close our eyes, are we worshipping God?
When we sing, shout and scream ensure that we do them with a true heart.
When we lift our hands to God, make sure that they are clean.
Because if our hands are filled with blood the Lord will turn His face away from us.
If our hearts are filled with envy, hatred and unforgivness, the Lord will not hear our prayers.
The Lord is saying to us that there is no purpose in our vain oblations to Him.
There is no purpose in our loud noise from an empty barrel.
The Lord is tired of our weekly rituals and earthly traditions. They are a trouble to Him and He cannot tolerate them.
“I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.” Said the Lord.
The worship that God requires of us is sincerety and truth.
No pretense!
Have some respect!
The Lord knows our hearts.
Come to the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.
Come to the table of the Lord and eat with Him.
Come to the sanctuary of God and reason with Him. Tell Him that you have this weakness in the flesh that you cannot seem to get rid of.
Tell the Lord about the nights that you lie in bed filled with terror.
Tell Him about the days that you spent worrying about tomorrow.
Tell Him that you want to win this race called life but you are so weak and insecure.
Tell Him that you trust Him, but your faith is so small.
Tell the Lord everything.
Do not withold anything because this is your worship.
All of your worship.
References: Isaiah 1; John 4
Enjoy the worship video: My Worship


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