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One Of Those Days

Have you ever have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

One of those days when your refrigerator suddenly died and you are left with a lot of spoilt food because you don’t know when you will get a replacement.

On top of that, your dentist struggled to pull out your wisdom tooth but failed.

Now you are left in more pain than you had before.

You felt like screaming, crying and cussing!

But God!

What will I accomplish if I scream or curse? I asked myself. Will I feel better?

I ponder on this for a while.

Then, suddenly I felt at peace.

I realized that having an emotional melt down will not help my situation.

It might complicate it when I ended up with stress related high blood pressure.

Only God!

So, I prayed, Lord, I put everything into your hands because I know that you are greater than my problems.

Lord, I know that you are my provider and you specialized in the impossible.

Therefore, I will praise you in spite of.

I will praise you because my troubles are insignificant to your power.

Thank you, Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!



  1. We all have these days, for sure. It seems that God uses such days to build our patience and endurance, because He knows we need perseverance. Hope that the dental situation was successfully resolved.
    God smiles when He sees us developing greater self control, a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you. 🤗

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