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Stand Still

Sometimes we get anxious about the problems that life throws at us.

We often times become easily deflated and depressed.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, the Lord is telling you to stand still.

In other words, stop whatever you are doing, hand everything over to the Lord and wait on Him.

And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. (Joshua 10:13)

Your healing, deliverance and breakthrough depends on your stand still.


Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord because the Egyptians who you see today you will see them no more.

Stand still and hear what the Lord is saying to you.

Stand still on dry ground in the midst of Jordan River and cross over into your destiny.

Stand still, read and mediate upon the Word of God.

Stand still and reflect upon all the righteous things that the Lord has done for you.

Stand still and consider the wonderful works of the Lord.

Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah. (Psalms 4:4)

Stand still, receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And the Lord said unto Joshua, Fear them not: for I have delivered them into thine hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee. (Joshua 10:8)

References: Exodus 14:13; Numbers 9:8; Joshua 3:17; 2; 1 Samuel 9:27; 1 Samuel 12:7; Chronicles 20:17; Job 37:14; Acts 3.

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    • The Holy Spirit of God always encourage us to wait patiently on the Lord. I am sure you have many testimonies of how He comes through for you when you stand still. Have a great weekend.

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      • Indeed a man on our worship team just waited 15 years for his wife to come back to Jesus. Fifteen years of watching, waiting and praying brought about a mighty harvest. She has come back!


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