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God Knows What Is Best For You

There is a hot political campaign running in my country right now. Four political parties vying for power.

There is a spirit of desperation in the atmosphere where each candidate is trying to outdo each other in who have the best policies and experience to run the country.

There is an unquenchable thirst for power and all of the candidates from each party are doing their best to attain the pinnacle of success.

I lived in the BVI and paid my taxes to this country for the past nineteen years and I am not eligible to vote. I am not even eligible to be called a residence.

However, I am not troubled nor perturbed because my hopes are not in any political party that wins.

My hopes are anchored on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

It is my Lord and Saviour who kept me in this country for the past nineteen years because if it was based on my decision alone I would not be here.

Living in this country was the best decision that God made for me. It was the best place to raise and schooled my children especially my son who is challenged with health issues.

Yes, I must admit that I endured some trying times while living here, but those trials only made me stronger.

The Lord definitely knows what was best for me and He led me in the right path.

God knows what is best for you, so allow Him to lead you in the right direction.



  1. TY. Yes He does. Each of His TrueBelievers are at this moment are where they should be. He is so loving that even when the carnal rears its head to move. He will block it in our spiritual heart. :))

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  2. Well said Beverley. This is just a brief synopsis of what your experiences were written of in your introduction in your book ‘Harm Not The Oil and the Wine’, and you’ve become stronger for it, and a powerful witness of Gods promises He has in store for anyone who will put their trust in Him and walk in His ways as you have. May His blessings and protection be continually upon you and your loved ones each and every day.

    Yes, a good reminder that our Foundation is the solid Rock of Jesus Christ, as we place our trust and faith in Him and stay obedient to His Word. May all who come to your blog and read it be blessed by your labor of love and faithfulness in the unique and beautiful way you share and teach Gods Word.


    • Thank you Susan for your words of encouragement. I certainly did not know that I would be living in this island for the past eighteen years but God knows and He has a purpose in mind. Incidentally, the country has just elected a new government. The race was very intense but the will of the Lord prevails. God bless you.

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