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Pray For Us!

To my friends and fellow bloggers.

I will not be posting as often as I use to, neither will I be able to visit other blogs for a while.

I am one of the victims of two category 5 hurricanes which devastated the islands of Britush Virgin Islands where I reside.

Consequently, we have no electricity, water, internet or telephone signals.

In spite of these negative things we are still trusting in the Lord and working together to rebuild our country.

Please pray for us as we need your prayers and support at this time.

Continue to visit this blog as your source of encouragement.


  1. We’ve been keeping you all in prayer, Beverley. Glad to hear you’re ok. This will will be an incredible testimony some day. I bought your book but I couldn’t get it from clicking on it from your website. I went to and found it there. Take care and God bless you my sister in Christ.

    Susan Morgan

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    • Hi Susan. Today I was able to receive limited signals to reply to you and my other blogging friends. Thank you for your support and understanding.
      I planned to release the book on my birthday September 8th but Hurricane Irma came two days before to disrupt the plans. Thanks be to God He made the way possible. I appreciate your support and I know the book will be a blessing to you as it has been for me for the past seven years.

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  2. May The GoodLord provide all you need.., all the strength all the wisdom necessary to make those sudden decisions that often pop up while in the midst of another crisis.; may His strong arms hold you as each new challenge arises in the midst of all that you are coping with right now, what is your greatest need?
    Supplies? Bible? Clothes? Food? Or perhaps money to help you repair your home? Are you working with any of the relief agencies for your supplies?
    Please let me know, as I would like to help you in some small way. ( if you would like to contact me in a moment when you have powered up cell phone or can get someone to loan you theirs.)
    Wishing you His peace.. even when in the middle of chaos and devastation.
    A friend in Jesus Christ

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