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Are Demons Invading Your Lives?

The Bible mentioned demons many times but it does not give any clear definition of who these creatures are.

But, base on the fact that they are described as unclean spirits that Jesus drove out of people many times we know that they are not anything good that you would desire.

According to the Bible, demons are real but confined to the realm of the darkness. Read also: Are Demons Mythological Creatures? 

However, these demons are able to cross over into our daily lives and we need to know how they are accomplishing this act so that we can put a stop to them.

How are these demonic forces invading the lives of men?

Demons can only cross over to the physical realm through a medium. This medium can either be spiritual or physical.

Let us look at the spiritual medium.

Earlier I mentioned that destructive attitudes and emotions are evil spirits from the darkness.

Well, these are the bad spirits which the demons attached themselves to cross over into our physical world to contaminate our lives.

Let me give you an example of how they operate.

In the homes or any organizations where there are anger, quarrel, fighting, bitterness, revengefulness, backbiting or confusion, the demons attach themselves to these ugly spirits and enter your home.

They will remain inside your home if you continue to exhibit these ugly characteristics.

The presence of these demons exacerbates these bad attitudes until the demons eventually possess the individuals. 

At this point, the individual will commit murder, suicide or more serious crimes and if they continue on this destructive path without any help, they will die.

The darkness also invades the churches where there is gossiping, backbiting, jealousy, competition, unforgiveness among the congregation.

The demons attach themselves to these bad spirits and settle in your church.

As the people display these bad attitudes and speak negative words, the demons will multiply until there is a spirit of heaviness, slumber, and tiredness in the church.

The worship in the house of the Lord will be affected.

Even though we can drive out these demons with prayers, they will return as soon as the members continue to indulge in these bad habits.

Now, do you see why there cannot be any progress in some churches?

The physical medium

The other method in which these demons crossed over into our physical world is through witchcraft, sorcery, magic, occultism, horoscope, games, television, internet.

Humans deliberately go to the realm of the darkness to conjure up demons from under the earth, the sea, and the heavenly.

They also conjure up the souls of the dead in hell and also familiar spirits of the dead. An example of this is shown when King Saul went to a medium to conjure up the spirit of Samuel who was dead.

Note God intervened and sent the real Samuel to prophesy the death of Saul. The medium was terrified because she was expecting a familiar spirit of Samuel (1 Samuel 28:3-20 ).

All of this occultism are abomination to God (Deuteronomy 18:9-14)

Warfare in the spiritual realm

God’s heavenly beings fight battles for us in the spiritual realm. However, we will not get a breakthrough if we do not free our mind from bad thoughts and purge our attitudes.

When we continue to indulge in sins, the angels are constantly in battle. Sometimes we feel the evidence of these battles in our sleep or dream.

Have you ever felt as if you are under attack in your sleep? As if someone is holding you down and you cannot break free?

These are the battles that are raging in the realm of the spirit on your behalf, but you have to do your part in the natural.

What should you do?

The Lord Jesus Christ has the power over unclean spirits, and He gave the power to us (Matthew 10:1; Mark 1:27; 3:11)

Repent of your sins and do not return to the dead spirits of darkness (2 Corinthians 7:1 ). The Lord will renew your spirit with His Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 36:26-27; Joel 2:28; Zechariah 12:10)

Speak the life-giving Word of God over your life and family continually. (Ephesians 6:17-18)

Pray without ceasing

Fast both physically and spiritually (Isaiah 58).

Encourage and build up each other in the Lord.

Build a close relationship with God and dwell in His secret place (Psalms 91).

When you practice the above no weapon that forms against you will prosper and every word that rise against you, you have the authority to condemn (Isaiah 54:17)



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