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Sell All that You Have And Give To The Poor!

How much do you really love the Lord? Let us count the ways! Do you love Him enough to surrender your entire life (I mean 100% not 99.9%) to Him? Do you love God enough to sell all your wealth and possessions and give to the poor? Let’s find out…

I do not often pay attention to politics but since last year, I have become very interested in the 2016 general election campaign in the USA. I found myself looking forward to the debates of both parties.

These debates are quite amusing and more entertaining than most of the sitcom comedies that are on the television. It is also fair to say that the debates discussed topical issues that are affecting the people and the world as a whole.

2016 Republican Presidential Debate - Fox Business.

2016 Republican Presidential Debate – Fox Business.

Although I am not an American I am interested in the outcome of this election because I do believe that the economy of the US usually affects the Caribbean.

The last Republican debate held January 14, 2016, on Fox Business was intriguing and informative. There was one particular question that was asked by one of the moderators, Maria Bartiromo, to one of the candidates that prompted me to write this post.

The question was directed to Donald Trump, and she asked him,

“Mr. Trump, your net worth is in the multibillions of dollars. You have an ongoing thriving hotel and real estate business. Are you planning to put your assets in a blind trust should you become president? With such vast wealth how difficult it would be to disentangle yourself from your business and money and prioritize America’s interest first?”

Without hesitation, Mr. Trump answered,

“It is an interesting question because I am very proud of my company and you know I built a great company but if I become president, I would not care less about my company. It is peanuts. I want to use what up here, whatever it is (pointing to his head) to make America rich again and to make America great again. I have Ivanka, Eric and Don sitting there (pointing to his children in the front row). Run the company kids, have a good time. I am going to do it for America! I want to make America great again!”

In my opinion, this was the best answer to all the questions that he was asked and a significant moment for him. Unfortunately, after the debate, the news media did not place much emphasis on this answer. They prefer to emphasize the insults, contentious and controversial issues.

I voted the above question and the answer to be the best because they remind me of the conversation between Christ and the rich young ruler. (Matthew 19:16-22).

The ruler wanted to know how he could inherit eternal life. The Lord promptly told him to keep the commandments. The man assured Him that he had done this. So Christ told him that if he wants to be perfect, he should sell all that he had and give to the poor and gain heavenly treasures, and follow Him.

The ruler was saddened by this answer because it was not what he was expecting since he had a large amount of wealth similar to Donald Trump, but unlike Trump, he was not ready to give up control of his riches.

Was it fair to ask this young man to surrender all his wealth?

For a long time whenever I read this passage I thought that it was unfair of Christ to ask such a hard task of this young man, after all, he was young and has his entire future ahead of him. But recently when I went into the sanctuary of God He explained the meaning of this scripture.everlasting life

First let us carefully examine the young man’s request. He wanted to inherit eternal life. His request was not unreasonable since the Lord said that whoever believe in Him will have everlasting life (John 3:16). Therefore, everyone can receive eternal life, and the criteria are simply believed in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, this young man wanted more than eternal life he also wanted to be perfect, so he diligently kept all the commandments of God, but he was still dissatisfied with himself. So he sought answers from the Lord who told him what was lacking in his life.

The young ruler was rich, and so his mind was cluttered with all the responsibilities of his wealth. Hence, he was unable to make a full commitment to God in spite of the fact that he was able to keep the commandments of God.

The Lord looks at our heart and not on the things that we say or do. Many people are hypocritical and pretend to be holy while their hearts are corrupt. Thus, the Lord knows when we are not entirely committed to Him.

God has called some people such as pastors and evangelists into full time ministry, but many of them are still holding on to their secular business because they cannot give up the income to depend totally on God.

They are unable to say, “My secular jobs, goals, and desires are peanuts! I could not care less about them because God has called me to be leader of His people and I want to dedicate my life totally to this task.”

Mr. Trump has decided to give up all his wealth, power and position to his children to serve the people of his country if he is elected to be their president. He did not hesitate. He decided to give his full attention to the people in his country because he believed that he could make his country great again.

If Donald Trump can be so devoted to a secular nation which will eventually pass away with this world how is it that God’s ministers are unable to commit fully to the Kingdom of God which is eternal?

You may be thinking that Mr. Trump will always be wealthy whether or not he controls his company while a pastor will become poor if he gives up his secular business. The analogy appeared correct when you measure prosperity in terms of monetary reward.

However, a full commitment to God guarantees His full blessings. You will receive the right hand of God which contains wisdom, knowledge, long life and complete protection from the enemy.

The Lord will also throw in as an extra bonus the contents of his left hand which are riches and power. Most people are only interested in gaining the left hand of God, but you cannot obtain it without the right hand.

Is God calling you into full-time ministry? Are you hesitating because of lack of finances?

Are you trying to juggle leading a church plus a business?

I pray that you will make the right decision by choosing the right hand of God.

Would you like to learn more about the right hand of God and how to receive it? Read here!

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