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How Are The Mighty Fallen?

The Lord has declared this year to be the year of John the Baptist – to prepare the way of the Lord and to make His path straight (Matthew 3:1-3). You can obey this request by repentance, prophesying positive things over your life and empowering yourself with knowledge in the word of God so that you can live a victorious life.


Many people are nervous at the beginning of the new year because they do not know what lies ahead. They are hoping for a better and more prosperous year, so many people make a pledge to accomplish certain things during the year.

They usually begin the year with hope and zeal, but as the problems begin to resurface, they forget their resolutions and return to their usual lifestyle.

As long as we are living in this world, the trials will be present, but we do not have to live in defeat. The enemy who claims that he is mighty has fallen. The Lord has released the prophetic word of his downfall so that you can receive and declare it over your life and family.

The following poem was inspired by the song of the bow written by David when he mourned the death of King Saul and Jonathan.

The words were taken directly from the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and John in the book of Revelation.

How are the Mighty Fallen?

How are the mighty fallen?

How have you fallen from heaven,

Lucifer, son of the morning?

How are you cut down to the ground?

You who have weakened the nations.


People follow you from mountain to hill;

Forgetting their resting place.

You have oppressed and taken them into captivity,

You have devoured them with deception.


How are the mighty fallen?

For you have said in your heart,

“I will exalt my throne above the stars of God,

I will ascend above the heights of the cloud.”

But you shall be brought down to hell;

To the lowest depths of the pit.


“Behold I am against you,

O most haughty one.” Says the Lord God of hosts,

“I am against you, o destroying mountain,

You who destroys the earth with your inequity.


“I will stretch out my hands against you

And make you a burnt mountain;

Not a stone shall be left untouched.

You shall be desolate forever.

For your day has come!” Says the Lord.


The sword of the Lord is against the proud,

The soothsayers and mighty men filled with lust.

A drought is against the waters of Babylon,

And they will be dried up.


Therefore, flee from the midst of Babylon,

Get out of the land of the Chaldeans

Lest you receive their plagues.

Forsake Babylon and save your life;

For its iniquities has reached heaven

And it is the time for the Lord’s vengeance.


He will repay double according to its sins

And its wounds will not be healed.

Alas, that mighty city!

For in one hour, its judgment has come.


So arise God’s people!

Stand up and prepare for battle.

Anoint your shield,

Sharpen your bow,

Set the watchman to sound the alarm.


“For you are my battle-ax and weapons of war,” says the Lord

For with you, I will break the nations to pieces,

With you, I will destroy kingdoms,

With you, I will break in pieces principalities,

Rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.”



Shout against Babylon,

Spare no arrows.

Shout until her foundation is uprooted;

Shout until its walls are fallen.

Babylon will become a heap,

An astonishment and a hissing

Without an inhabitant.


Those who see its downfall

Will gaze at it and say,

“Is this the one who made the earth tremble?

Who shook kingdoms,

Who made the world as a wilderness
And destroyed its cities,
Who did not open the house of the prisoners?”


The Lord has cast you out as an abomination.

Babylon the great is fallen,

Is fallen and has become a desolation.

How the mighty have fallen,

And the weapons of war perished!

Isaiah 14:12-20; Jeremiah 50:1-10, 14-16,31, 35-38; Isaiah 51:6-9, 25-26; 37; Revelation 18; Ephesians 6:10-13; 2 Samuel 1:17-27.

Prepared by Beverly Wright. December 27, 2015



  1. Hi Ricardo, Thank you for visiting my blog. It is so important that we begin the new year knowing that the enemy of our souls has been defeated. If we could all get a glimpse of the spiritual realm to see the identity of him we would certainly be in disbelief. May the New Year brings you love, peace and prosperity. God bless you.


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