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Experience The Music of Love

Here I stood, alone!

There are no night creatures with their cheery songs;

No lovers hand in hand goes by.

Alone I listened, listening to the music.

It’s melody so soft, sweet, yielding,

Almost seductive.

Filling me with a newborn ecstasy –

Caressing the soft lobes of my heart.alone-21842_640

The music became louder,

Drumming in my brain;

Joining the pounding in my heart;

And let my body rock to its rhythm.

It’s sacred notes so pure and perfect,

Burned within my bones

Making me yearn for the One

Who had found this music of love.

The music became louder,

And yet louder,

Devouring my curse iniquities

And slashing out all the years of wickedness.

And then, like gentle persuasion

The music crept into my heart

Sending off luminous sparks as it

Settled and sighed – contented

At last!

The music was getting dimmer.

It had done its work

And now it was leaving me alone again.

The last shimmering notes lingered

For one sweet moment

And then it was gone.

But its traces still remain

All over my body

Especially in my heart.

Beverley Wright August 16th, 1980

I read this poem several times trying to understand what was going through this fifteen-year-old girl’s mind when she wrote the above words?

What is the music of love? What was it about this music that released so many different emotions?

The music appeared when she was alone. It moved upon her softly and enticingly filling her with a delightful sensation of being in love. When the music changed its rhythm so did the young girl’s physical body until she and the music became one in a passionate beat.musicians-690591_640

The music was still not satisfied but continued to increase its tempo and pitch until it devoured all her past and present sins before settling contentedly within her heart.

The music had done its job, so it began to decrease until it was gone but the effects of this music lingered on this child’s body and especially in her heart.

Such a powerful music could only be from God.  I decided that this music must be the power of the Holy Spirit which not only cleansed her heart but also poured His love and peace within her heart and soul.

It is this love from God which will give her self-confidence, self-control, and patience. It will also give her strength and perseverance during trials which will build her character and give her hope. (Romans 5:1-5)

I speak with confidence when I say that God was this child’s protector and companion throughout her entire life until she became the woman of faith and virtue that God intended her to be – the oil and the wine.

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