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I Am In Love With My Wedding Ring

“You are not completely dress Suzy!” Mark informed Suzy as she slid into the passenger side of the car beside her husband. The children were tucked securely inside their appropriate child’s seats in the rear of the car including her newborn three-month-old baby who was sleeping inside his Infant Carrier.


Suzy pulled down the passenger mirror and peered at herself curiously. Her hair was braided neatly on top of her head. The extravagant hairstyle took hours to complete at the hairdresser that morning. Her dark complexion glowed under her impeccable makeup that highlighted her round cheeks and wide brown eyes.

She looked down at her sexy black dress: short just above her knees complemented with a pair of five-inch silver heels. She appeared to be immaculate. She had spent over an hour getting dress much to the annoyance of her husband. But now that she was ready and inside the car he was telling her she was not fully dressed. What was wrong with him?

“What are you talking about Mark? I am ready!” Suzy said trying to remain calm.

“No, you are not!” Mark retorted, staring at her. He leaned back in his seat refusing to drive.

Suzy stared at him, from his firm dark lips in his rugged, strong face down to his tall, muscular frame clad in a gray silk suit. They appeared to be the perfect couple. They were intelligent young professionals with three beautiful children. But this was all on the outside; within the walls of their home was a different story.

“Mark I am sick of your nonsense. Let’s just get out of here! We are already late for Carmen’s wedding!” Suzy shouted at him. Her temper, which was always on the edge, had just erupted and boiled over.

Suddenly Mark grabbed her left hand and pulled it up to her face. “Your ring Suzy! Where is your ring?” Mark said forcefully.

Suzy snatched her hand out of his and stared at him incredulously.

“The ring! What is wrong with you Mark? I can’t forget the ring one day! Is this stupid ring my chains? Is it supposed to define a marriage? The most important aspect of marriage, Mark, is the life that you live, not the ring for heaven sake!” Suzy was now shouting on top of her voice until the baby awoke and began to cry.

Suzy flung opened the car door angrily and marched back inside the house to get the contentious ring. As soon as she found her diamond studded gold ring on the bathroom vanity where she had forgotten it she shoved it on her finger and marched back outside.

Mark glanced briefly at her left finger as she slid into the seat beside him. Satisfied he stepped on the gas, and they sped away. Suzy was still fuming inside her heart, but she decided to hold her peace just for a peaceful life.

The ring is an important part of the marital bond because it is a symbol of the covenant that you and your spouse made together. It is also the evidence to the world that you are married and settled.

However, some people tend to place too much emphasis on the ring. The young bride wants the biggest and most expensive ring perhaps to show off with her friends. The husband wants the wife to wear the ring that he gave her every day and even during the night. It must not be taken off or forgotten. After all, the ring represented one of his greatest investments so it must be appreciated.

Thus, if the ring is not worn, it will instigate many conflicts within the marriage. Even though the ring, wedding gown, cake, and ceremony are important parts of the wedding they do not necessitate a good marriage.

Focus on the spiritual and emotional aspect of your marriage. These include building a solid foundation base on affection, togetherness and worship to God.

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. (Psalms 127:1)

Allow the Lord to build your house.

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