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Your God will be my God

For this mother’s day celebration, I ensured that I had a gift for all the ladies who give love. The first gift was in memory of my mother and dedicated to every woman. The second gift was in honor of those special mothers whom God is preparing for greater works. This final mother’s day gift is dedicated to the mature and elderly mothers and grandmothers.


Most of their children are grown and have moved out of their homes. Some of these children visit them infrequently while others have abandoned them. These mothers may be experiencing loneliness and rejection.

I want to encourage these mothers from the Book of Ruth. Naomi was a Jewish woman who along with her husband and two sons relocated to Moab to escape the famine that was in their country. However, misfortune descended upon her household, and she lost her husband.

In spite of this she decided to remain in Moab with her sons who then married Moabite women. They all lived in Moab for ten years. Then calamity struck again, and both Naomi’s two sons died leaving behind three grieving widows.

Naomi became hopeless and decided to return home. She had heard that the famine was over in the land of Judah, her homeland. They all packed and started their journey to Judah. However, Naomi realized that it was futile taking her daughters-in-law with her since she was now destitute and she had nothing to give them.

She, therefore, pleaded with them to return to their mother’s house in Moab. One of her daughters-in-law saw only despair and hopelessness in her mother-in-law’s voice and decided to go back to her home.

However, the other daughter-in-law clung to Naomi and refused to let her go. In spite of her many trials in the land of her afflictions, Naomi had managed to leave an indelible mark on this young girl’s life. It was her strength, resoluteness, and determination in times of trouble.

1795 - William Blake

1795 – William Blake

Ruth found hope and courage in her mother-in-law’s faith that she forsook her familiar home and family to follow Naomi to an unfamiliar land. The act was an example of true love, and it was better than ten sons even the two sons that Naomi had lost.

Note that God has seen your sacrifices and He has heard your cry and He will be a comforter and companion to you. Your work is not in vain so rise and praise the Lord for He will be your reward. This poem is dedicated to you to uplift your spirit and give you hope because you will indeed find pleasure in your golden age.

Your God will be my God

“Go home my daughters! Go home!

Return to your land and your people.

For I am a woman tired and battered by the ravages of life.”


“Go home my daughters! Go home!

For I am too old. I have nothing to give.

The enemy robbed and tormented my soul with grief.


So go home my daughters!

Return to your people that you may find rest;

Where your honor will be restored.


One lonely sad woman listened to the plea from

A voice filled with agony and bitterness;

And saw hopelessness.

So she departed alone in despair.


But there was another standing rooted to the ground.

She listened to the voice of torment and saw hope.

An opportunity for rebirth.

A second chance to a home she never had.

So she flung herself at the feet of possibilities and cried,


“I will not leave you!

I will not forsake you!

In you I found love; in you I found faith;

In you I found a life giver – an actual mother.

You taught me how to be a woman.”


“So entreat me not to leave you, nor return from following after you;

For where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge.

Your people will be my people and your God my God.

Wherever you die I will die, and there I will I be buried:

The Lord do so to me and more also if ought but death part you and me” (Ruth 1:16-17)


And she clung steadfastly to the only visible

Hope that she ever knew in her life.

The LOVE of a mother

Prepared by Beverley Wright directly from the Book of Ruth.


Yes, I know this poem has touched your heart, and I know you will love your mom and grandma even more than before.

So share your thoughts with me and be blessed. Have a great weekend!

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