Book Images And Diagrams

Congratulation! You are the proud owner of a copy of the brand new book: Harm Not The Oil and Wine.

I trust that as you read this book along with your Bible the Lord will reveal Himself to you in a personal way so that you can experience a revelation of the knowledge of Him.

The following images are the full-colour version of the figures and diagrams in the book: Harm Not The Oil And Wine. Thank you for your support.


Figure 1. Image of Christ as described by Daniel and John (Daniel 10:4-6; Revelation 1:12-16)





Figure 2. The Dream of King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2)


The Kingdom of Darkness



Diagram One (1): The Heads are spiritual kings, the Horns are their proclamations, and the followers are princes or principalities. They consist of all the actions and emotions that oppose good.




The Kingdom of Man


Diagram Three (2): – Man’s virtual kingdom – The World Wide Web






Diagram Two (3). The combination of both kingdoms produces the mouth of the dragon.



The Kingdom of God



Diagram Four (4): – The Head represents one King (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The horns represent the proclamation of the King. The followers are all the noble spirits of God within His kingdom.