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Tag: Rest

Arise Into Your Rest

Today at Sunday morning worship service at church, a young sister preached a powerful message entitled, “It is time to rise.”

Come To Me

  The voice of the Lord Jesus Christ is calling you to enter into His rest. Can you hear His voice calling?

Rest In The Lord

You searched my heart, You know my thoughts, There’s nowhere I can hide; So boldly to your Throne, I come, To rest and there abide. O LORD, thou hast searched […]

Rest From Your Enemies

Trials are a part of life! We were brought up to believe this statement, so we expected problems throughout our lives.

Enter into God’s Rest

On the first day of this month, we noted that we are living in God’s time which incorporates His completeness, mercy, and rest. We all need to be of one […]

Be Healthy and Rest in God

Recently I have been thinking seriously about adults who are forty to fifty and over. I have been observing the lifestyle of a few people, and I kept wondering if […]