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Tag: repentance

Repentance Or Calamity?

God created the heavens and the earth in perfection. The earth was rich in flora and faunas. It was splendid in beauty and marvelous in all its habitation.

Seeking The Face Of God

Our world is riddled with violence, the shedding of innocent blood, immoralities, pestilences, sicknesses, diseases, disasters such as hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, cyclones, tornados, and floods because of sin on the […]

Joy In Heaven

Heaven is a spiritual place where there is no darkness and evil.

A Mercy Cry!

Two powerful east wind (Irma and Marie) came to the BVI and dumped  some bad spirits in our land.

The Synagogue Of Satan

The manifestation of the power of God is lacking in our modern Church than how it was in the early Church that began by the apostles of Christ.

Our Land Needs Healing

Due to the past devastation of many of our Caribbean islands by two deadly category five hurricanes, our land needs healing.

Remain In The Presence Of The Lord

If a priest does not function properly in his duties, he will fall under the Judgment of God. The priest of the house should not judge for a bribe, teach […]