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Tag: blogging

How I Start My First Blog

Are you considering starting a blog but you are scared that you will not maintain it or you will run out of topics to write?

Sunshine Blogger Award #3 & 4

I would like to thank Matt of Jesusluvsall’s blog for nominating me once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out his blog. It is awesome! I was also nominated […]

You Are Special!

“Young people do not have any problems because they don’t have any responsibilities.”

2015 – The Year of Jubilee!

About two years ago while I was going through some difficult times, the Lord promised me that I will have a jubilee celebration on my fiftieth birthday. I became excited […]

The Year 2014 In Review!

We have reached the end of another year, and it is now time to reflect and take a look at some of the challenges and triumph that occurred.