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Category: Prophecy

Fix it Yourself!

Once again America is faced with another mass shooting, another deadly carnage, another lamentation and anguish. So much senseless killing, so much unexpected deaths! When will it end? Who made […]

Persistent Grumbling Results in Defeat

The Lord is not pleased when His children persist in stubbornness and disobedience. Even though His mercy prevents you from being consumed you will not escape the consequences because your […]

Accepting my Jubilee!

Last Sunday night my children and I were outside watching the eclipse of the moon. It was a super moon, and the last one occurred 33 years ago. The social […]

What’s Happening to the Church?

Our theme for this year’s youth month is “It’s a God Movement”. There are several definitions of the word movement; however the one that stood out to me is movement […]