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Category: Poem

Is Your Background Bothering You?

Your past does not determine your future! You may born in troubled household where your parents are constantly at war with each other or you may have been raised by […]

Your Journey to Success.

God’s desire is for His children to walk into their divine destiny. Only then will you experience abundant life. Jesus Christ came to give life more abundantly. God made provision […]

Who Are You?

“Who am I?” Have you ever asked yourself that question and pondered on it for a while? Do you really know who you are? Many people, young and old, are […]

A Song for My Beloved

Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. I sleep, but […]


Many of us do not like to wait for anything. When we want something, we want to get it right away. To delay is time wasted we believe. So sometimes […]

Searching for a Father

The following poem is the cry of a child helplessly waiting for the return of a father. It is the cry of a child who never knew a father but […]

Walk, Live Healthy, Live Longer

Fitness experts advised us to walk daily to improve our health. Some of the benefits of walking are: maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening your bones and preventing certain diseases such […]

Who told you that you are Naked?

The story of creation has been told throughout all the generation of men. The Atheist rejected it; the doubtful and indecisive ignore it but the children of God who accepted […]

Righting the Wrong

‘And then at night, between the sheets he wrongs the girl to right the wrong.’ The above is an excerpt from the poem, The Lady’s–Maid Song by John Hollander. I […]

Sleeping Through the Storm

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013, killing over six thousand people and over one thousand people missing. Thousands of people were left homeless by this massive hurricane. The […]

Let the Burdens Begin!

Have you ever watched a game or played sports? Sometimes in some major games, you might hear the commentator say, “let the games begin.” Within each match, you have to […]

I Hate My Job! I Want to Quit!

We have all felt this way. We are tired of working, and we want to do our own thing. We just want to win the lottery and enjoy life without […]