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Category: Poem

The Living Hope!

What is your hope? Do you hope in yourself, in your strength and ability? Do you hope in your wealth and possessions? If you believe only in yourself and your achievements,


Woman! You received life, and you bring forth life. Your seed produced the Conqueror, who destroyed the devourer.   Woman! Nations are in your womb! Your womb nourished and sustained […]


MOVE Belief without evidence! Trust without signs! Hope without knowledge. Your familiar and intimate God commanded, “Move!” Go without wavering!   To the unfamiliar; To the unknown. Total dependence! Complete […]

Blessings in the Wilderness

Are you wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of trials? Are you lost in the desert of testing? Dangers are all around. The scorching sun increased temperatures,

Alone but not Lonely

Have you lost a companion? Are you feeling secluded and apart, Isolated and fearful? At nights your pillows are soaked with bitter tears; Your bed is cold, and there is […]

Life more abundantly!

Do you feel stuck in your present circumstances? Do you feel as if there is no way out? Well, God is telling you right now that He is pulling you […]

Love Yourself!

Over the past few years, there has been an escalation of hate crimes and racially motivated murders on the news. The latest uprising occurred in Ferguson, USA, where the African […]

Reflection of a Love Made in Heaven.

I remembered the first time I saw him. I remembered quite clearly because it was special to me. There were no fireworks; there was no lightening or thunder. There was […]

Who Will Dare to Stand Alone?

The world is at a standstill – Leaning over the edge of a cliff. It began, When babies are abandoned; Children are missing. Mothers are weeping for their unborn babies […]

Wake up to a Great New Day!

Today is the beginning of a new day for you! Today ends the past and begins the future. Prepare to meet the glory of God and His redemption. Prepare to […]

I Shall See Him!

Have you ever wondered why when we celebrate the birth of Christ we see him as a baby and not a grown man? During the Christmas season both adults and […]

At a Tender Age!

I gave my heart to God at the tender age of ten years old after the death of my father. At this tender age I did not understand about God’s […]

Experience The Music of Love

Here I stood, alone! There are no night creatures with their cheery songs; No lovers hand in hand goes by. Alone I listened, listening to the music. It’s melody so […]

My Love

When I look at you, The whole world falls apart. When I think of you, My entire body quivers with ecstasy.