You are not the Boss of Me!

“Well, I am buying that fridge! It is my money, and I can do as I please. I work hard for it, and you can’t tell me what to do,” […]

Searching for a Father

The following poem is the cry of a child helplessly waiting for the return of a father. It is the cry of a child who never knew a father but […]

Walk, Live Healthy, Live Longer

Fitness experts advised us to walk daily to improve our health. Some of the benefits of walking are: maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening your bones and preventing certain diseases such […]

Death Lies at Your Door

John came home after a hard day at work drained and grumpy; he was in no mood for small conversation from his talkative wife who spend her entire day at […]

Dead Man Live Again

Is it possible for the dead to live again? The news media and the internet broadcasted several stories of men being raised from the dead. One such story was told […]