Searching For Mr. Right

As a young girl growing up in the rural areas of Jamaica, we would claim that we are waiting for Mr. Right before marrying. Parents would also advise their daughters […]

Help! I Need Your Advice!

Sometimes adults have this misguided notion that the youths do not have any problems. After all, they are young, and most of them are single and still dependent on their […]

Money Answers Everything…

Or does it? Have you ever wondered why people with wealth and fame suffer from depression? Why are prosperous people lonely and unhappy? When you have money you have many […]

Let’s Make it Happen!

“You need me. I need you. We are all a part of God’s body. Stand with me agree with me. We are all apart of God’s body. You are important […]

Tearing Down The Walls of Pride

The Lord is totally against the spirit of pride, and He proclaimed judgment upon this spirit. If anyone encourages this spirit in their lives, they will fall directly under the […]