Many of us do not like to wait for anything. When we want something, we want to get it right away. To delay is time wasted we believe. So sometimes […]

Are You Fighting Fire With Fire?

The news media have reported that over six hundred fires have broken out in southern California since this year. Many homes and property have been destroyed while many people have been […]

Teeth and Tongue must Meet!

Susan was suddenly awakened from her Saturday afternoon nap by a continuous banging on the front door. She wanted to ignore the knocking, but the pounding was getting louder and, […]

You are not the Boss of Me!

“Well, I am buying that fridge! It is my money, and I can do as I please. I work hard for it, and you can’t tell me what to do,” […]

Searching for a Father

The following poem is the cry of a child helplessly waiting for the return of a father. It is the cry of a child who never knew a father but […]