Arise! Strengthen your hands and Build!

And the God of heaven will prosper you! (Nehemiah 2:18). The enemy is busy attacking your mind and body both physically and spiritually, but sadly many people are unaware and are […]

Grab your Weapons! Get Ready to Fight!

Fight for your family! Fight for you children! Fight for your life! Search for your weapons that are hidden and forgotten in the closet or shed. They have been lying […]

Wake up! You are under attack!

Wake up from your sleep! Get up from your slumber and complacency! You are under attack! The enemy has declared war against you! He has surrounded your homes, your children, […]

A Mothers’ Day prayer for You

 I think that it is only fitting that I end this Mother’s day celebration with a prayer for all women and mothers. My prayer is taken directly from the word […]

Your God will be my God

For this mother’s day celebration, I ensured that I had a gift for all the ladies who give love. The first gift was in memory of my mother and dedicated […]