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You Will Receive A Full Reward

There is no partiality with God. He will give to every one according to his works.

If you sow seeds of wickedness you will reap condemnation. If you sow good seeds you will reap blessings from the Lord.

So, don’t get weary in doing good. Don’t give up when you are frustrated. Continue to persevere because you will be rewarded.

Remember the race is not for the swift or the strong but those who endure to the end.

Continue to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life (1 Timothy 6: 12)

It is okay to live one day at a time, trusting in the Lord to provide for your daily needs.

We are living in the latter days where the just shall live by faith.

Consider yourself blessed because you are the just.

Great things are in store for you!

Many, o Lord my God, are your wonderful works which you have done; and your thoughts toward us cannot be recounted to you in order; If I could declare and speak them, they are more that can be numbered. (Psalms 40:5)

Great is our God and great are His works!


Additional reading: Isaiah 55: 8-11.


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