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You Are Important To God

Who provides food for the raven, when its young ones cry to God, and wander about for lack of food? (Job 38:41)

God provided a raven to feed Elijah during the drought in Israel. The raven brought Elijah bread and meat in the morning and evening, and he drank from a brook.

Note carefully that the brook dried up but the food supplied by the raven did not stop.

It was possible for the Lord to make springs in the desert to provide water for Elijah but God wanted to bless the widow at  Zarephath so He sent him to the widow to get food. (1 Kings 17)

Have you ever wondered why God used an ‘unclean bird’ to feed Elijah?

Where did God send the raven to get the meat and bread?

God is all God! He is a provider!

Share with us your thoughts.


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