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Stand Up For What You Know Is Right

The poor and needy is one of the six people whom God loves the best.

If you are in possession of wealth, help the poor. If you are in a position of authority be the voice for the voiceless.

When God entrusted you with many blessings He expects that you will bless others also. If you know the will of the Father and does not do it you will be beaten with many stripes (Luke 12:42-48).

Some people are being beaten with many stripes and think that they are going through trials. Not every trial or affliction originate from the devil.

The Bible states that God chastises those whom He loves just as a father chastened his child. We need to be cognizant of this fact so that we can readily repent when we err and return to the right path.

Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Help people who are in trouble. Stand up for what you know is right, and judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of the poor and those who need help. (Proverbs 31:8-9)

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