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Where Is God During Difficult Times?



  1. With all my respect for your belief, and with all the respect for human right to have a free conscience and belief, I want to confess that I don’t believe in any sort of God even the God of monotheist religion, There’s no GOD. The truly teacher is “LIFE” if you pay attention in the now, you can go outside your difficult moment. Don’t seek any teacher in your life, take attention and be present and everything go right. Just keep living and smiling.


  2. It is really sad to know that you do not believe in your Creator who is the almighty God. but as you rightly said you are free to express your opinion and you are always welcome on this blog. However, you cannot live without guidance in this world. A baby must be nurtured until he is old and become independent. Life exists because of God so essentially He is your teacher.


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